About BYU's Biomedical Engineering Society

Club Vision

To advance biomedical engineering at BYU and provide meaningful opportunities to serve, learn, and network.

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical Engineering is a rapidly growing field that covers a variety of engineering specialities, including:

  • Biochemical engineering
  • Biomechanics
  • Biomaterials
  • Tissue engineering
  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Biomedical sensors
    • Biosignal processing
    • Bioelectrics
    • Physiological modeling
    • Medical imaging
    • Biomedical optics and lasers
    • And many more!

Biomedical Engineers design devices and methodologies that enable detection, diagnosis, management, and/or elimination of disease. As such, those interested in biomedical engineering come from many different backgrounds, drawing students from engineering, life sciences, mathematics, and statistics.

BMES Mission Statement

The BYU Biomedical Engineering Society seeks to (1) educate the community about Biomedical Engineering, (2) serve those around us, and (3) provide networking opportunities in academics, industry, and the world.

Contact Information


Society Leadership


Secretary 2015 • Vice-President 2015-2016 • President 2016-2017

I was born in Indiana and moved around a lot due to my dad's career as an engineer. I moved to Lehi Utah in 2006 and later went to high school at Utah County Academy of Sciences (UCAS). I learned to love science and got a head start on my path to a degree. I am studying Mechanical Engineering and doing research with Dr. Jensen in the Compliant Mechanism Lab for an origami inspired medical device. I was married in 2015 to an amazing microbiologist named Kayla and it's been one of the best decisions of my life.
I joined BMES because when I was younger, I took a physics class and a biology class. I loved them both and I wanted to know how to combine them. My uncle was undergoing dialysis from a long term kidney problem. Because of this he spent a lot of money trying to fix and suffered greatly for many years. I wanted to make hospitals better so that people that are suffering due to medical conditions can have it a little easier.
My time in BMES has taught me how about the opportunities of Biomedical engineering, to delegate with engineers with different skills, and that I really can make a difference if I apply myself.

Maxwell Bean  
Mechanical Engineering

Director of Events / Conference Chair

March 2016 to Present

I believe in improving the world through resolving major disorders and diseases (using Biomedical Engineering principles). I am a Senior in Chemical Engineering, and I research cancer diagnostics with MRI. I joined BMES in order to learn more about BME, and I also wanted to give back to others to progress BME at BYU. I have learned so much about BME and been able to push myself in serving others in this community. Through BMES, I have made many important connections and been given amazing opportunities.

Tanner Ravsten  
Chemical Engineering

Special Projects Leader

2016 to Present

I am a Mechanical Engineer and I want to make a positive social impact in the world through engineering. I am passionate about medical devices and love the idea of using engineering to help people live healthier lives. I joined BMES because I wanted to find a way to be informed and get involved with medical devices. I wanted to use my engineering skills to help people with their problems and felt that BMES would help give me the network and edge to get into this area. I have been able to network with some great professionals in BMES. I have been able to get involved with an awesome project that will really make a difference for a fellow student.

Thomas Barlow  
Mechanical Engineering

Public Relations Director

2016 to Present

I grew up in New Hampshire raised by a single mother. Originally a Exercise Science major, I found my way into Mechanical Engineering when I stumbled upon a live meeting with a speaker for the BMES. I joined straight away after the talk, and have been here since Winter Semester 2016. Currently a Junior at BYU, my focus is design and innovation in the Biomedical Engineering field.
I joined BMES because of a gut feeling that this is where I wanted to be; I honestly cannot tell you why else. I knew very little about it, but this society has given me great connections, opportunities, and a lot of fun along the way.I have learned that engineering is a very misunderstood field, and that through discovering the applications of engineering you can change the world in innumerable ways.

Dane Sargeant  
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Anton Bowden received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University in 1996, and his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from University of Utah in 2003. After completion of his Ph.D. work, he worked for four years as a consultant for the international engineering consulting firm, Exponent, Inc. in the Biomechanics Practice. He has taught at BYU since 2007. Professor Bowden teaches courses in the areas of biomechanics, materials science, and finite element analysis.

Anton Bowden  
Mechanical Engineering