2013 EIBR Conference

Schedule of events

11:00am Welcome & Introduction
11:10am Keynote Speaker - Jorge Ochoa
11:50am Short Break
12:00pm Buffet lunch and Poster Session(s)
2:15pm Award Ceremony and Concluding Remarks

Keynote Speaker

Jorge Ochoa  
Principal Engineer at Exponent

Accepted Abstracts

To read the accepted abstracts visit the Emerging Ideas in Biomedical Research Conference Webpage.

Titles and authors for accepted abstracts are listed below:

  • Instrumentation of an On-Ice Force-Sensing System for Figure Skating Jumps
    Daniel Michael Smith
  • Imaging the inferior surface of synthetic and excised vibrating vocal folds
    Kimberly A. Stevens, Scott Thomson
  • Retina Regeneration
    Chris Burns
  • Cardiac Tissue Engineering
    Nima Momtahan, Arthur Castleton, Makena Ford, Stefan Gentile, Brenden Herrod, Holly Howarth, Chris Russell, Tanner Smith, Alonzo Cook
  • Optimization of Decellularization Processes for Renal Structures
    Jeffery Jay Howard Nielson
  • Regenerative Measures for Neurosurgical Interventions
    Mitchel Cameron Faulkner
  • Anisotropic Quarter Punch Test: An optimized geometry replacement for the anisotropic small punch test
    Kara Janell Boatwright
  • Biomechanical Applications of Quantum Nano-Composite Piezoelectric Foam Sensors
    Brady Anderson, Jake Merrell, Taylor Remington, Dean Stolworthy, Adam Bilodeau, David Fullwood, Anton Bowden, Daniel McArthur, Nathan Hansen
  • Three-Dimensional Rapid Prototyping of Vascular Substitutes for Medical Applications
    Brent Young
  • DNA Origami as a Template for the Production of Nanoscale Electronics
    John Kenneth Jensen, Adam T. Woolley
  • Alpaca Cervical Spine Anatomy, Shape, Size, AF/NP-Ratio
    Rebecca A Fullwood
  • Development of an alpaca disc culture system for the study of intervertebral disc degeneration (IDD)
    Loyd Christensen, Laura C. Bridgewater, Dean K. Stolworthy, R. Amy Fullwood, Jacob G. Holland, Todd F. Robinson, Anton E. Bowden
  • Delivery of Propidium Iodide Into HeLa Cells With a Nanoinjection Lance Array
    Zachary Lindstrom
  • Effects of Lance Geometry in Nanoinjection of HeLa Cell Culture
    Bradley W. Hanks