2014 EIBR Conference

October 30th - Clyde Building Stepdown Lounge

Thank You To All That Participated

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Robby D. Bowles  
Assistant Professor in BioEngineering
University of Utah

About Dr. Bowles:
Dr. Bowles went to Cornell in 2005 after receiving his B.S.E. in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania. He completed his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Cornell in the Bonassar lab, with his research focusing on tissue engineering approaches to treat degenerative disc disease. Since 2011 he has been a postdoctoral associate at Duke University studying biochemical and mechanical contributions to back pain. He has published 7 papers on the topic of therapeutics for spinal disorders and has won multiple awards including Best Poster Award at the World Forum for Spine Research and an F32/Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship from the NIH. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Utah.


11:00am:  Welcome and Introduction
11:10am:  Keynote Address by Dr. Robby D. Bowles
12:00pm:  Short Break and Buffet Lunch Begins
12:05pm:  Poster Sessions
2:30pm:    Awards Ceremony and Concluding Remarks

Presented Abstracts

Titles and authors of accepted abstracts are listed below

  • Optimization of Decellularization Processes for Renal Structures
    Nafiseh Poornejad, Nima Momtahan, Daniel Scott, Tim S. Frost, Cory A. Fronk, Beverly L. Roeder, Paul R. Reynolds, Alonzo D. Cook
    Read Here
  • Characterization of the Human Anterior Longitudinal Ligament Using A Transversely Isotropic Material Model
    Mitchell Scott Hortin
    Read Here
  • Retina Regeneration
    Lance Christian, Chris Burns, Ryan Gillis, Theo Bennett, Steven Christiansen, Mike Abboud, Andrew Kellett, Kamron Brinkerhoff, Alonzo D. Cook
    Read Here
  • Cardiac Tissue Engineering
    Jeremy Struk, Andrew Priest, Jordan Eatough, Brady Vance, Brielle Woolsey, Steven Balls, Camille Brantly, Makena Ford, Brenden Herrod, Holly Howarth, Nima Momtahan, Alonzo Cook
    Read Here
  • Fabrication of Tubular Carbon-Infiltrated Carbon Nanotube
    Takami Ryan Kowalski, Warren Robison, Anton Bowden, Brian Jensen
    Read Here
  • Dynamic Bioreactor for Use in Intervertebral Disc Mechanobiology
    Amanda Marie Beatty, Kiarah Chrisman, Dean Stolworthy, Anton Bowden
    Read Here
  • Engineering Novel Vaccines for Foot-and-Mouth Disease
    Anthony Bennett
    Read Here
  • Gait Analysis with Piezoelectric Foam Sensors
    Nicole Martin
    Read Here
  • Analyzing Protein Activity and Stability Using a High-Throughput Linear Expression Template System
    Mark Lindsay, Jeffrey Wu, Bradley C. Bundy
    Read Here
  • Abdominal Deflection-Driven Fetal Monitoring Belt
    Dan Baradoy
    Read Here
  • Finite Element Study of the Biomechanical Consequences of Schmorl's Nodes
    Boston Barham, Anton E. Bowden
    Read Here
  • Novel Analysis Methods of Nano-Fiber SEnsors Used in Biomedical Applications
    Nathan Scot Usevitch
    Read Here
  • Acute Modes of Failure in Small Diameter Intervertebral Discs
    Aubrie Taylor
    Read Here
  • HeLa Cell Culture Temperature Effects on Nanoinjection Efficiency
    Bradley Hanks, John Sessions, Brian D. Jensen
    Read Here
  • Three-Dimensional Rapid Prototyping of Vascular Substitutes for Medical Applications
    Connor Dodge, Tomonori Baba, Alex Bischoff, Tyler Hubbard, Sterling Rosqvist, Jason Griggs, Sarah Livingston, Alonzo D. Cook
    Read Here
  • Carbon Nanotubes with Carbon Infiltration as an Antibacterial Surface
    Anton Bowden, Brian Jensen, Corynn Call, Preston Greenhalgh, Stephanie Morco
    Read Here
  • Neuroregeneration: Potentiation of Nerve Growth Factor Receptor in Peripheral Nerves
    Ryan Wood, Mitchel Faulkner, Dan Elliot, Luke Wilding, Emil Morco, Matthew Landeen, Taylor Hansen, Sarah Jauregui, Dallin Harris, Stephen Wirthlin, Michael Chamberlain, Alonzo Cook
    Read Here